Soup: A humble, rainy day essential.


Yesterday, between writing class assignments and running off to work, I squeezed in a little break  so that I could make some roasted poblano white bean soup. I’m kind of slow in the kitchen, so I wasn’t sure if I could finish everything in time, but it was so, so worth it. It’s spicy, comforting, and much lighter than what we had the other night.

P pointed out the only thing missing when he said, “Eating this makes me wish it was raining outside…”

Well guess what, folks? It’s raining this morning! Continue reading


Won’t You Come to Dinner?

25 December 1918

Yesterday, we had some friends over for a beginning-of-the-week dinner party. They live in the dorms on campus, so we like to cook “real food” for them (as opposed to cafeteria food). A few minutes into the meal, someone said, “It feels so good to be in a home.” I cannot express how it felt to hear those words! P and I have invested a lot of time and effort into cozy-fying our home, so that was a wonderful reward.

These dinners have been one of the really lovely parts of early married life. We have our little routine: P and I choose a recipe and cook dinner together, and then about a half hour before everyone arrives, while he’s putting the finishing touches on the meal, I set the table, light lots of candles, and put on some music (yesterday’s soundtrack was The Avett Brothers’ album “I and Love and You”). And sometimes we have to run around the apartment, frantically putting away sweaters, socks, homework, books, and, if I’m honest, more books. Continue reading

Making Waves

IMG_8803IMG_8800I love the feeling of yarn sliding through my fingers, of making intricate loops that become a scarf, or a hat, or a wall-hanging. Something about crocheting taps into this deep desire to make things with my hands.

My boyfriend (who is now my husband!) and I taught ourselves how to crochet about a year ago, sitting around in my room watching the same YouTube videos over and over until we could make things: he made a sock, and I made a hat. Never mind that we had to undo them almost completely because of some simple mistakes we made…

As a full-time grad student, I am often stuck inside my own head, pondering things that don’t have much relevance for day-to-day life, which is why I need to crochet. It gives me the chance to let my thoughts wander down rabbit holes while my hands loop something lovely.

And that is why I’m crocheting a whole pile of Christmas gifts this year. I will get to think about my family while I take a welcome break from academics, and explore what it means to be a maker! My first project is this cowl from LuzPatterns on Etsy. I’m making it for my sister, and I really hope she’ll like it as much as I do—it has such amazing texture, and I love how the waves are almost sculptural. I’m using Bernat Roving yarn in “putty,” which is this soft, single-ply yarn that is just the right shade of light grey.

I must say, I’m pretty excited about the next couple of months. I’ve got some fun projects lined up, and it will be a new experience to give things I’ve made with my own two hands to people I love.