Star Trek Sing-Along!

I love a good TV show intro. As I get more and more invested in the characters and the story, the intro becomes emotionally charged in the best way. The music, the visuals—they start to embody my anticipation, and they get me ready for the episode.

The whole thing is a ritual, really. It’s like praying before dinner, or the call to worship at church. The show’s intro prepares me for what’s next, giving me time to get into the right mindset. And maybe it’s the fact that I’ve been going to church my whole life, but I love to sing along. No words in the intro? No problem! I’ll make up my own (or, more realistically, I’ll make weird noises to the tune of the intro music).

I got thinking about this because I’m about to watch the last couple episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and I feel really sad about it. I’ve been working through the show for the past three years, and it’s become a significant part of my life, as I imagine it was for regular viewers when it aired. P and I reference it all the time, comparing real-life situations to specific episodes, watching TNG edits on YouTube (pure viewing gold), and discussing the ideals explicitly and implicitly present in TNG. And whenever that intro starts up, I do Patrick Stewart’s voiceover, and then I sing along to the intro music, loudly…(possibly while dancing).

I wish I could express what Star Trek TNG has meant to me. I love how the show asks really good questions and has this unshakable faith in human goodness, while still resolving most things over the course of an episode. Lately, I’ve been having a hard time with shows that have lots of violence and suspense, so TNG has been a welcome refuge. P and I will often talk about which fictional world we’d want to live in—Middle Earth? The wizarding world? I always end up choosing the world of Star Trek, though. There’s so much curiosity, and there are holodecks. Make me a science officer on the Enterprise, and I’d be golden!

Other shows that have gotten the sing-along treatment include Gilmore Girls (that key change!), Twin Peaks, and the absolutely hilarious Vicar of Dibley. These are also the shows that have stayed with me, and changed me, even though I couldn’t tell you exactly how. I do know that whenever I hear their theme songs, I’m going to sing along, even if it’s just under my breath.

Let me know if there are any shows that capture you heart this way. I’d love to hear!



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