Uncertainty is my life right now. One of my favorite ways of dealing with it is sinking into the tranquil moments of my routine: Get home from work. Put away my bag. Change into comfy clothes. Make the bed. Tidy up. And then my favorite part – dinner.

When I’m really feeling the stress of uncertainty, I like to make hearty and simple food. Today, it was Continue reading


Soup: A humble, rainy day essential.


Yesterday, between writing class assignments and running off to work, I squeezed in a little break  so that I could make some roasted poblano white bean soup. I’m kind of slow in the kitchen, so I wasn’t sure if I could finish everything in time, but it was so, so worth it. It’s spicy, comforting, and much lighter than what we had the other night.

P pointed out the only thing missing when he said, “Eating this makes me wish it was raining outside…”

Well guess what, folks? It’s raining this morning! Continue reading